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Landscaping and Construction


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Water Features

Service: Enhancing outdoor spaces with natural rock water features.


  • Custom-designed natural rock formations for water flow.

  • Stylish accent water feature walls for visual appeal.

  • Unique boulder creations to complement landscapes.

Pool Construction

Service: Specializing in high-quality, custom pool construction and remodeling..


  • Exquisite all-tile pool designs for a luxurious look.

  • Comprehensive pool remodels to revitalize your space.

  • Expert resurfacing and plastering for pool rejuvenation.

  • Safe and efficient pool demolitions and rebuilds.

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Outdoor Living

Service: Creating captivating outdoor living spaces for relaxation and entertainment.


  • Elegant pergolas and covered patios for comfort and style.

  • Custom-built outdoor fireplaces for warmth and ambiance.

  • Cozy fire pits perfect for gatherings.

  • Fully-equipped outdoor kitchens for al fresco dining experiences.


Service: Crafting durable and attractive hardscapes to enhance outdoor areas.


  • High-quality paver driveways for a grand entrance.

  • Modular retaining walls for both function and form.

  • Elegant porcelain and ceramic decks for a modern touch.

  • Beautifully designed paver patios for outdoor leisure.

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Service: Offering expert masonry work with a focus on natural stone.


  • Premium natural stone installation for a timeless look.

  • Construction of concrete masonry units (CMU) for robust structures.

  • Creation of impressive monuments as focal points.

  • Crafting of stunning columns to add architectural interest.


Below are each of the companies Tex Appeal has partnered with for large scale projects. 

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